Castle Primary School

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See info about Breakfast Club changes from 16 April 24. First day of term - Tuesday 16th April

Key Worker information update

School places are available for Key Workers' children, where they cannot be cared for at home.  You do need to book a place and there is a form to do this.  Please email for the form and full information.  Once you have booked for your child here are a few things to consider:

School staff change daily, working on a rota. 

When you arrive at school you will see social distancing lines 2m apart. 

Please observe the social distancing. 

School staff will open gates at 8.50am and ask to see your Key Worker ID.

This is NHS ID badge or your Key Worker letter from your employer.

Staff will take your child's temperature with a non-contact digital thermometer to make sure they are not running a temperature.  Children with raised temperature will be sent home.

Distancing lines have been marked through the school, and school staff will encourage hand washing and social distancing.  Please talk to your child to help them understand this.

School kitchen is closed, no lunch can be provided, so please remember to send a packed lunch for your child.

If your circumstances change and your child can be cared for at home, please contact school on to let us know.

Remember the safest place for us all is to "Stay Home" but if you have to work, school is doing its best to support you during this difficult time.