Castle Primary School

'Adventure Together; Learn Forever'

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Welcome to our class page!


At Castle Primary, we believe that the Early Years Foundation Stage is crucial in securing solid foundations that children are going to continue to build upon. It is our intent that the children who enter our EYFS develop physically, verbally, cognitively and emotionally whilst embedding a positive attitude to school and learning. We believe that all children deserve to be valued as an individual and we are passionate in allowing all children to achieve their full, unique potential. With all of this in mind, we begin each new year by looking at the individual needs of our children and – taking into account their different starting points- we then carefully develop our flexible EYFS Curriculum which enables them to follow the path of their learning journey, at a point, that is suitable for their unique needs and stage of development.
Children follow the EYFS curriculum, which has seven main areas of learning.

The Prime Areas:-

  • Personal, Social and Emotional Development
  • Communication and Language
  • Physical Development


The Specific Areas:-

  • Literacy
  • Mathematics
  • Understanding the World
  • Expressive Arts




A few reminders...

  • Children need their book bags in school EVERY DAY.  We read with your child throughout the week and it is very important that this is recorded in their reading diaries.  Please support your child with their reading at home.  We ask that children read with an adult 5 times per week at home and that this is recorded in their Reading Diary.  Reading books are changed once a week however you can read anything additional with your child - magazines, recipes, signs, picture books etc!
  • We are outside in all weather conditions so please ensure your child comes to school with a warm waterproof coat.

Summer Term

This term our topic will be 'Living and Growing'.  We will be looking at plants, life cycles and healthy eating!

Sports day!

Today EYFS set free the butterflies.  


We loved watching our caterpillars grow, form chrysalises, and turn into beautiful butterflies.  It took 5 weeks for our caterpillars to form into butterflies.  When the butterflies had come out of their chrysalis, we gave them sugar water and oranges to eat.


We released our butterflies on the school field.  We thoroughly enjoyed watching our caterpillars grow into butterflies and we will miss having them in our classroom.



Look at our independent writing about the caterpillars.  We are applying our phonic knowledge to write sentences which can be read by ourselves and others.


Something exciting has arrived in EYFS today....CATERPILLARS!  


As part of our topic 'Living & Growing' we will be looking at the life cycle of a butterfly. We will be closely watching our baby caterpillars as they grow, form a chrysalis and emerge as a beautiful butterfly.  

We are all so excited to witness one of nature's miracles!

Sunflower Painting

This week we became artists and printed our own sunflowers using forks. 


Look at our fantastic paintings!



The children have been busy planting and watering their beans.  We are patiently waiting for them to start growing so we can begin measuring.






Exploring Numicon

We have been busy building our own town. We have drawn plans, written labels and worked together to build it, listening to each others ideas.

EYFS Christmas wishes

Due to not sending Christmas cards between friends this year, EYFS got in the spirit of Christmas and created a tree from their handprints and wished their friends a 'Happy Christmas'.


Our Nativity Performance – A King is Born, was a great success!  We had great fun getting into character, wearing our costumes and learning all the songs and actions.

EYFS have been learning about Diwali, the Festival of Light.

We made Rangoli patterns in the sand, created our own Mehndi patterns and made divas out of clay. We also talked about the special food that people eat when they are celebrating Diwali.


People Who help us


Over the next few weeks we will be learning about the people who help us!  We will be thinking about people around school who help us, including those who we may not have met much such as the office staff, cleaning staff and the lovely ladies who cook our dinners!  We will then progress to look at people in different professions such as the roles of police officers, fire fighters, vets, doctors, dentists etc.  


People who help us - Doctor

Halloween came early to EYFS, look at all the spooktacular fun and learning we've had!