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Year 6 - Mrs Plumley

Welcome to Year 6


On this page you will find our termly learning overview. I will also be posting photographs of experiences, learning and examples of pupil's work.


Please do contact me through the class email if you have any questions.

Please remember our class will be doing PE on Thursdays and the pupils will need to come into school in PE uniform, which is a white t-shirt, black shorts or leggings/jogging trousers. 

Please ensure pupils have their school jumper and a coat, a water bottle and their reading record with them each day. 


Mrs Plumley

Autumn Term Two - The North and South Pole

Autumn Term One - World War Two

Week 1 - To start off our topic, we listened to Mrs Plumley telling us the story of her Grandad John who was a navigator on a Halifax Bomber during WW2. He was shot down over Germany and became a prisoner of war for nearly a year before he managed to escape. It was amazing to listen to and hold some of his badges, books and pictures. We are going to do some research at home to find out any war stories about our own ancestors. We can't wait to get started on our topic now!

Our new class book... Letters From The Lighthouse by Emma Carroll

Week 2 - Here is some work we did in our reading session about our class book. We were asked to write abut what we knew so far. We were then asked to predict what might happen next in the story. We rated it too. Here are some examples of our work...

History - In history we have started our enquiries. Our main question that we will be answering at the end of this unit of work is 'How were individual families living on the Home Front affected by the war?'. In order to answer this we have six mini enquiries that we will study. Here are the first two...