Castle Primary School

'Adventure Together; Learn Forever'

Cultural Capital


In order for our curriculum to further flourish, we decided as a school to have key threads running through our topics as a backbone to how and what we teach. These would 'drive' learning forwards. We thought carefully about the needs of our children at Castle and have identified three 'drivers' which we feel underpin our school's curriculum in order to give our children the skills, knowledge and personal attributes that they need to become lifelong learners and well-rounded citizens of the future. 



Our curriculum will strive to open children's eyes to new possibilities so they can develop aspirational attitudes and understand how to achieve their dreams. We encourage pupils to have goals, aim high and have confidence in their abilities. 



We want our children to be effective citizens in a multi-cultural society. We want our curriculum to teach respect, value and celebrate the diverse world we live in today. 



We encourage children to develop a sense of themselves within a wider communtiy. We explore how our school community, local community and wider community are important to us and the contributions that they make - and have made in the past - to our lives. We try to involve our school and local community in learning where possible. For example, we have strong links with local care homes, the local church and businesses. 


These drivers are central to our school ethos of 'Adventure together; learn forever' and will further enhance the exciting and engaging learning opportunities that our pupils enjoy every day. They also support the teaching of 'British Values' and our own 'Castle Values' across the school. 


Our Castle Values

Our core values also underpin our creative curriculum whilst providing a rich cultural capital experience for all our children. 

Our Castle Values are:

Considerate - children will be taught to show respect for all people in our community regardless of who they are and where they come from and what they believe. 

Adventurous - Children who feel enabled to be aspirational and strive to take hold of life's possibilities. 

Self - sufficient - Children will be resilient learners, use their own initiative and become independent citizens. 

Teamwork - Children who can work collaboratively in the community of school and beyond. 

Learning - Children who will develop a thirst for learning. 

Excellence - Children who understand the need to persevere in order to achieve well. Excellence is a habit - not a moment in time!