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Year 4 - Mr Moise-Souch

Year 4 Summer 2 Parent Overview

Haven Banks - Kayaking, wall climbing and artificial caving. A wonderful day was had by all! I was so impressed by everyone's resilience and how they supported each other. Well done all of you!

Today the children began learning to play the Ukulele. They were quickly able to pick up the skills and played some wonderful music. Well done all.

Summer Term 1 Parent Overview

Welcome to Year 4!


On this page you will find information our learning journey in Year 4. I will be posting photographs of our learning and some examples of children's work.

Please find the overview for each term.


Please contact me through the class email if you have any questions.


Please remember our class will be doing PE on Mondays and the children will need to come into school in PE uniform, which is a white t-shirt, black shorts or leggings/jogging trousers. 

Please ensure children have their school jumper and a coat, a water bottle and their reading record with them each day.



Mr Moise-Souch

Anglo-Saxon & Viking Experience Day. Great fun was had by when Year 4 experienced many different hands on activities including examining artefacts and taking part in a battle scene.

During Science Week, the children enjoyed learning about air transportation, including launching a rocket high into the sky and using a hovercraft! They also enjoyed learning about possible gaming careers.

An exciting day with different activities for World Book Day. 2.3.23

Year 4 Bikeability. The children showed excellent skills throughout our sessions. Well done to them all for all they achieved.

Roman Day at Tiverton Museum 18.1.23

The Year 4 children experienced an amazing day at Tiverton Museum. Rotating around 4 activities, the children were able to experience different aspects of Roman life. During their time in Roman school, the children were able to recall their knowledge of Roman numerals and write on wax. The children found that wearing armour and fighting was tough for a Roman. They were also able to have a go at making their own mosaic patterns using Tessera tiles. Did you know there was a Roman fort near Tiverton? The children were able to excavate different artefacts similar those found near Bolham, Tiverton by archaeologists . 

See some of our amazing art sculptures inspired by sculptor Anthony Gormley.

Exploring vibrations using tuning forks and water.

Christmas Chutney & Living Things Sculpture

We have started creating our Christmas chutney using apples from our school site. As well as this, our Living Things sculptures are now being finished with beautiful colours. 

Our Climate and Living Things work

This term we are all set to answer the question, 'What is climate and how does it affect different areas around the world?' So far we have identified the different continents and oceans across the world. Whilst many of the children already knew of the Equator, they really enjoyed learning all about lines of longitude and latitude. The children were able to locate different places across the world using these lines.


As part of our Classification work, we became Scientists by exploring our local area for living things. We were able to find different living things within our school grounds. As Scientists, we have been able to pose different questions to sort and group living things based on their characteristics. 


With our knowledge of different living things and our inspirational sculptor, Antony Gormley, we have started to create our own sculptures in Art. Look out for our sculptures when they are beautifully painted!


In Maths, we have started to examine Perimeter and what it actually means. Using hands on, practical measuring with string the children were able to measure the perimeter of different classroom items. We even managed to measure the perimeter of the Reading Log Cabin, which was 15 metres and 70cm!


Our PE work has focussed around extreme weather including Tornadoes. Using musical instruments, the children are creating their own dance performances.

Structures - DT Project - Recyclable Lunchboxes

As part of our work with Black History Month, we have been learning about different inspirational people, including Muhamad Ali and Marcus Rashford. It was Marcus's work with campaigning for more free school meals and extra funding for children that inspired our idea for our DT project.


We began by exploring different lunchboxes, looking carefully at their different features. This included considering the different shapes, materials and specific purposes for the different ones. Once the children had considered these aspects, they set about designing and creating their own recyclable lunchbox. This included strengthening and a closing feature. Finally, the children added their designs to make them appealing to their audience. 

African drumming and dance

As part of our learning with Black History Month, we were lucky enough to experience an African drumming and dance workshop. The children quickly picked up the beat and were performing all the different movements. At the same time as dancing the children were also able to follow the call and response from the lead dancer, which they enjoyed very much. 

Live STEM lesson - Carbon Crunching Carrots!

Tooth Decay Investigation

Following their learning all about different teeth, including comparing human teeth to different animals, the set up their own investigation into tooth decay. We decided on placing egg shells in different liquids to observe the amount of decay the different drinks would cause. Firstly, the children made predictions based on what they already knew. As we observed the changes over the week, it became very clear which drinks cause the most damage to our teeth. Their evaluations identified causes of the decay and they came up with some handy hints to help reduce tooth decay.