Castle Primary School

'Adventure Together; Learn Forever'

IMPORTANT - School Closed 5th January onwards - see letter in Key Information - Coronavirus updates section


What an exciting term we have had, full of learning and laughter! Through our topic, 'Let's Unite', we have learned about coming back together as a school community. We have also developed our knowledge of local community -  learning about the rivers which flow through our town and the history which has made our home in Tiverton the place it is today.


We have visited Tiverton Castle to see the site of the site of the 'Lovelorn Phantoms' and who can forget our walk round the graveyard to find Owen Riddle's plaque? 


There have also been exciting discoveries made through our Science learning about states of matter and electrical circuits. Who knew a pencil sharpener could be a conductor? 4CP knew!!!


Our term has ended with Christmas celebrations which have been slightly different than usual but joyful none the less. Please take a look at the photographs below which document our term and ask your child to tell you what they were learning about.



Please take a look at our fabulous writing below - a culmination of our English learning and History learning about our local area. 

Autumn Term Overview

Autumn 2

Please select from this menu of activities to support your learning if you have to be away from school for a few days. It is based around the topic that you have been learning about at school.

Autumn 1 Home Learning