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'Adventure Together; Learn Forever'

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Year 2 LW

As part of our introduction into our ‘Amazing Antarctica’ topic the children came across some unlikely objects...frozen blocks which seemed to contain something inside.


On closer inspection, the children could see what looked like messages inside. They begin to try to crack the ice so that they could discover what was inside.


The children found diary entries from an unknown source which gave them a glimpse into his adventures. They posed lots of questions and at the end it was revealed that these extracts were from Robert Falcon Scott. Year Two can’t wait to discover more about this famous historical person and the place that he explored!

'Amazing Antarctica' wow starter

Art and Design: Sculpture.


 The children were introduced to a sculptor called Marc Quinn who creates sculptures often based on his body. He uses a range of materials including: ice, blood,

metal, plastic and even bread.


The children created a bread mixture and sculpted a hand. These are the children in action.

Art and Design: Sculpture.


 The children were introduced to a sculptor called Brendan Jamison who creates sculptures with unusual materials. He uses a range of materials including: wax and wool. 


In history we have been learning about the explorer Robert Falcon Scott. The children created a tent like the explorers slept in on their journey in Antarctica. They worked in a team and used cocktail sticks and marshmallows to create their 3D tent. 

In Art we have been learning about an artist called Andy Goldsworthy. He makes 2D and 3D sculptures out of natural materials. We used different classroom resources to create different art. We also went for an outside school walk and collected natural resources. We then created a picture using the natural resources.  

This half term we are learning about the history of Tiverton. We visited the Tiverton Museum to learn about the history of Tiverton. We had a lovely morning learning new information and visiting the Tivvy Bumper. 

On Remembrance Day we talked about what some of the roles were in the Military and we had a look at a some photos, a RAF hat and some medals. We also discussed that we have a 2 minute silence to remember all the soldiers that fought in the war and for those who lost their lives.


In Art we designed some poppies using plastic bottles and tissue paper. We scrunched and ripped the tissue paper to create different effects on our poppy sculptures.

In history we have been learning about the history of transport. We have studied a significant person Isambard Kingdom Brunel. He was an engineer who designed bridges. 


In Science we have looked at different materials and we have tested them to see if they would be strong enough to hold a toy train. 


In Design Technology we worked in groups to design a bridge using different materials. We had to design how we wanted our bridge to look first before we built it. During the designing stage we had to think about what resources we needed.  During the building stage we had to communicate with each other, support our group, problem solve and be resilient when there were challenges. 

In PSHE we have been learning about the jigsaw piece 'Celebrating Difference'. The children have worked really well sharing their ideas and opinions. They have also taken turns to speak and listen carefully to each other. We have looked at different school scenarios and have had group and class discussions.


Here are some photos of our scenario freeze frames. The children had a scenario that they had to do a freeze frame. The children worked together and made sure everyone had a role in their group. 

This term our topic has been 'What Food Helps us?'. In design and technology, our final product was designing and making a fruit salad or a fruit kebab. The children did a great job with peeling, cutting and scooping the fruit. The children enjoyed eating their kebab and fruit salad, they were delicious.