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At Castle Primary School reading is at the heart of our curriculum.  From the moment our pupils enter school in Foundation Stage, they are introduced to the magic of books.  This enjoyment and love of books and reading is encouraged throughout their journey at Castle Primary School, to support the children with all of their future learning and life opportunities.  Our school environment and our reading curriculum has been developed with this in mind.  


At Castle Primary School we are committed to developing confident independent writers with a rich and varied vocabulary.  From Foundation through to Year 6, children have daily writing opportunities to practise and develop their skills as writers.


In order to make sure that Phonics teaching and intervention is consistent throughout our school we deliver the curriculum as follows:

  • We follow the pace and order of Letters and Sounds.
  • We use the images and songs from Jolly Phonics.
  • The images are linked to the sound on a sound mat which shows the Phase 2 and 3 sounds with images and highlights the alternative blends that are introduced at Phase 5.
  • We have a consistent format for teaching which includes a SMART template that we all use and includes a recap of the previous sessions sound, an introduction to the new sound, an opportunity to read words, to write words and to read and write a sentence where appropriate.
  • Pseudo words are introduced after the first term within Year One when teaching Phase 5.
  • We have a clear phonics assessment which allows us to track progress.  We look at the sounds that a child has learnt, the tricky words that they can read, decodable words and Phase 5 papers.
  • Recap of all the previously learnt sounds and tricky words happen daily but sometimes as discreet learning outside of the daily phonics session.

Letters and Sounds

Jolly Phonics


Letters and Sounds