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Year 5 CP

Haven Banks

Storm Eunice Home Learning

After tasting a range of ingredients, we decided on what we would like to add to our basic bread recipe and made our own delicious rolls. Yum yum!

Look how beautifully our rolls turned out!

Glorious Glockenspiels!

Our class photographers for week beginning 31st January.

Measuring the size of Withypool Stone Circle

Planet People Climate Workshop

Our class photographers for week beginning 24th January.

Separating Solids & Liquids - Planning and Doing

Listening, Reflecting & Predicting in the Reading Cabin

Our class photographers for the week beginning 17th January.

Science Learning: Does it dissolve?

Exploring Sentence Structure

Perfecting Polygons

Voyage of the Beagle

Welcome to Year 5!

Our first week is now over and what a fantastic week it has been. The children have settled back into their learning with enthusiasm and have adapted to the new routines with maturity.

Your children may well have told you by now that our topic is ‘Voyage of the Beagle’ in which the children will be learning about the life and discoveries of Charles Darwin. Please find attached an overview of what we will be covering over the course of this topic. You will note on the overview that both Year 5 classes will be doing PE on Thursday and Friday. Please ensure PE kit is in school on these days.

This year the children have been given new reading records which contain a really useful glossary of grammar terminology and spelling patterns on the pages in the middle of the book. Even though the children are now in Year 5, reading continues to be our highest priority and is the area where you can support your child the most. Please make sure that you sign their reading record when your child has read or had a discussion with you about their book.

We are looking forward to working with you to ensure that your child has the best experience possible this year and makes good progress. Feel free to email us on our class emails if there is anything you would like to know or feel that we should be aware of.


Kind regards,

The Year 5 Team