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Year 6

Week commencing Monday 1st June 

We hope you all had a lovely relaxing half term break! We are now in our final half term of the year! 

Here is the home learning for this week for you. As we have finished 'Goodnight Mr Tom', we are moving onto our new book which will be 'Anne Frank's Diary'. In History, you will be learning more about the D-Day Landings. We have put dates as a guide for the week throughout the PowerPoint, however, work through it as you wish. On the last slide, there are a number of activities that you can choose from based on what you will have learnt. All the links to the sheets are below. You do not need to print anything - they are just there as a guide. 

As you all know, the school has now opened up to Year 1 children. Because of this Miss Willey and I (Mrs P) will be in school from now on so we will try to continue the emails and calls as much as we possibly can. Please do keep sending us your work!

Any problems, do email us and we will try to get back to you as soon as possible. 


We hope you are all well,

Speak soon :) 


The Year 6 Team

Marble Run Challenge


Our text this half term is Goodnight Mr Tom. One of Miss Willey's and Mrs Plumley's absolute favourites! The children are reading a chapter a day and answering some questions to deepen their understanding of the text and to practise their reading skills. These include questions on vocabulary, inference, prediction and summarising. We would like to share the work that they are producing as it is of a very high quality.

We will be warning the children (and the parents) when the tissues will be needed... 

Celebrating Work from "Haunted Learning Week"

Shadow Art - Linked to Our Science Learning

Shadow Art - Linked to Our Science Learning 1
Shadow Art - Linked to Our Science Learning 2
Shadow Art - Linked to Our Science Learning 3
Shadow Art - Linked to Our Science Learning 4

Light - Science Learning

Light - Science Learning 1
Light - Science Learning 2
Light - Science Learning 3
Light - Science Learning 4