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Uniform Information

Our School Uniform

We encourage all the children at our school to wear our uniform – this gives them a sense of belonging and pride in our school community.

Our uniform consists of:

  • Green jumper/ school sweatshirt with logo/ cardigan
  • White polo shirt/ blouse/ shirt
  • Grey or black trousers/ skirt/ pinafore dress
  • Black shoes (Velcro fastenings are ideal – laces can be a bit of a nightmare for young children!)

In the summer, girls often choose to wear a green/white checked school summer dress. Grey/black school shorts are also a popular option in warmer weather.


Our uniform is available to buy from Impact who have a shop in Tiverton.  Their email address is:

It is also now available to order from Thomas Moore, Exeter. 

Uniform order form to be completed and returned to Impact Print