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Happy new week!

Today is Mental Wellbeing Week. We will be kicking off the week with an assembly and on Wednesday, we will have a day 'off timetable' to concentrate on our mental wellbeing. There will be tasks set from all the teachers in KS2 for you to work through! More details to follow.


Here's a summary of the learning that you will be doing this week:

  • In English, you will be revising expanded noun phrases, parenthesis and semi colons. You will then be using all that you have learnt and practised to write a description about a chosen animal from the Amazon rainforest. 
  • For spellings, you will be continuing to revise the spelling patterns from the Year 3 - 4 spelling list.
  • In maths, you will be revising methods for multiplication and division. You will then be applying this to word problems. 
  • You will be starting a unit in RE (Religious Education) which will introduce you to the religion of Hinduism. 
  • In Geography, you will be broadening our understanding of how the Amazon rainforest works. 
  • For Computing, you will be looking at how we can use variables in games. You will explore variables in Scratch as well as designing and writing your own short programs.



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