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5/6 KP

Happy new week everyone! Here is the timetable for the week. Remember, we have a non pupil day on Friday so there will be no learning sent that day. On Thursday we will be celebrating Chinese New Year! We will have an off-screen day again, apart from the morning and afternoon sessions on TEAMS. Please check when your group sessions are. I hope you enjoy the week as we have some exciting learning to do as always! Scroll down for a summary of your learning for the week and your daily learning links.

Summary of learning for the week...

In English, we will be continuing our work on the famous Rhiswanozebtah! We will be focusing on extracting information from the text early in the week and then moving onto practising some grammar including varying our sentence starters using interesting adverbs. We may have time to start thinking about our own mixed up creature! 

In maths, we will be revising properties of triangles and quadrilaterals, diagonal lines and circles. 

RE - We will be studying what 'Dharma' means and how this influences the lives of Hindus.

Geography - We will be linking all the learning we have done over the last half term to sum up the diversity of South America, in particular Brazil. 

We will also be learning about the Chinese New Year. (I can't tell you anything about it yet though as it will spoin the surprise on Thursday!)