Castle Primary School

'Adventure Together; Learn Forever'

Year 1

Autumn term- Superheroes!!!
We have been learning from the story of Supertato. From making traps for evil peas to helping troublesome veggies escape from the ice, we have explored it all!
The day the evil peas came to town!
One day we arrived in Class and there were signs that the evil peas had crept in over night and had stolen Jigsaw Jack! They had left a note so we got busy writing letters, making posters, setting traps and searching for clues! 
Making our own Superveggies!!!
We thought that Supertato needed some help! We used our Design and Technology learning to design and make him some new friends. Here they are! Superveggies to the rescue!
We have been learning from the story of Superworm. For our Science learning, we had a problem to solve! Poor old Superworm was under an evil spell and had to dig all day long! we thought about ways to help him and came up with the idea of making goggles! We thought about what the goggles needed to be like, we predicted which materials would be best, tested, drew conclusions and created! Here we are in our goggles!
Other learning
Here we are enjoying our learning!